CiNPT 2015 Sections

Scientific Program


October 3rd and 4th 2015


Day 1, Saturday, October 3rd

 Welcome and participants registration 

Opening Address


Coffee break


Academician Prof. Dr. SERBAN IONESCU (France)

Lecture: Psychotherapy: profession, art or science?




Coffee break


Prof. Dr. FRANZ RUPPERT (Germany)

Lecture: Who am I? The development of self in psychotraumatic conditions 



 Q&A Session 

Lunch break


1st Workshop: Prof. Dr. FRANZ RUPPERT

How can I have a healthy Self? The Constellation of Intention Method




Coffee break



2nd Workshop: Academician Prof. Dr. SERBAN IONESCU
A bridge between trauma research and clinical practice 



Day 2, Sunday, October 4th


Welcome and participants registration


Opening Address

Ms. ROBYN GORDON (Australia)
Lecture: Early interventions


Scientific Sessions


Coffee break



3rd Workshop: Ms. ROBYN GORDON

Early interventions




Lunch break


Symposium PTSD – Research study on Romanian population
Moderators: Conf. Dr. Catalin Nedelcea, Conf. Dr. Diana Vasile

 Coffee break 

Symposium – Types of traumatic experience


Group 1

Life-threatening experience (Existential traumas – attempted abortion, attempted murder, any kind of accidents, natural disasters, arson, wars, lethal diseases etc.)
Moderators: Psih. Florentina Nicolescu , Psih. Maria Magdalena Macarenco




Group 2

Self-integrity loss (Identitity traumas - unemployment, status loss, professional downgrade, mobbing, emotional abuse etc.)
Moderators: Psih. Adela Mihalcea, Psih. Valentin Arsene


Group 3

Loss traumas (Divorce, separation, decease, adoption, disappearance, emigration, immigration, loss of important possessions <house, wealth etc.>)
Moderators: Psih. Roxana Agafitei, Psih. Adriana Cirstei




Group 4
The interruption of normal functioning of a person (Medical traumas – disease, infertility, surgical and medical interventions, autonomy loss, taking care of a sick person outside the professional role, burn-out etc.)
Moderators: Psih. Diana Gavajuc, Psih. Ana Maria Nastase


Group 5

Vitality loss caused by cumulative early trauma (Attachment trauma; symbiotic trauma; love trauma – growing up in state institutions (not with families), prolonged domestic abuse, incest etc.)
Moderators: Psih. Anamaria Draguta, Psih. Monica Lespezanu



Conference Closing



*Timetables and locations will be further announced.

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